christopher's notes

my week starts on Saturday

In the USA, typically, the week "starts" on Sunday. That is to say, the leftmost day on the calendar is Sunday. Because, God or something.

For almost all my life, I used Monday as the start of the week instead. This is because it's helpful to avoid splitting the weekend, and because it's what most other countries do. (I also use °C and 24h time.)

Recently (like in the past year) I've added a lot more structure to my life around increasing my overall effectiveness - including things like weekly planning. However, I found it quite hard to plan the upcoming weekend on Monday - it's just so far away and plans change so much. On the other hand, it's usually pretty easy to know what will happen during the week in advance - and it usually doesn't change much over the weekend.

After struggling with this for a few weeks, I eventually thought "since the choice is arbitrary, why don't I just 'start my week' on Saturday?" So that's what I decided to do. That lets me set realistic goals for my weekend during my weekly planning, with the full knowledge of what my weekend schedule looks like and how busy I will be.

Turns out you can even tell Google Calendar to start the week on Saturday, so apart from random other calendars I may look at (e.g. the calendar built into GNOME shell), things are pretty consistent. I've been happy with it for the past ~year and haven't looked back!

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